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Fatsia New


The magnificent crown of Japanese Fatsia invariably attracts the attention of all flower growers in the world, long-term cultivation has made it possible to "tame" and refine the Asian beauty. Another name is Japanese Aralia. On the islands, wild plants grow up to six meters, mesmerizingly touching leaves in the wind with wide palms.

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Myrtle Miscellanea


The plant myrtle (Myrtus) belongs to the genus of evergreen shrubs and trees of the Myrtle family, which includes several dozen different species. It grows in North Africa, Western Asia, the Caribbean, Florida, the Azores and Europe, preferring the warmest corners.

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Sounds and verses emitted by the jackal Information

Sounds and verses emitted by the jackal

SOUNDS MADE BY ANIMALS The sounds made by the jackal The jackal, whose scientific name is Canis aureus of the Canidae family, emits noises similar to those of the dog. Often the jackals howl all together, it is thought to reinforce the spirit of the pack or to mark one's territory In any case, they howl for different reasons: to summon other jackals, to announce changes in the weather, if they are disturbed by some external event, etc.

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I graft fig Interesting

I graft fig

Innesto fico Il fico è un albero da frutto tipico delle regioni a clima caldo. Originario dell’Asia occidentale, il fico viene ampiamente coltivato nell’Europa mediterranea. Questo albero è maggiormente diffuso in Calabria, Sicilia, Puglia e Campania. Nei giardini e nelle case di campagna di queste regioni è frequente trovare alberi di limoni e di fico che oltre a dare buoni frutti svolgono anche un utile effetto ombreggiante durante le calde ed afose giornate estive.

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Schisandra Information – How To Grow Schisandra Magnolia Vines Collections

Schisandra Information – How To Grow Schisandra Magnolia Vines

By: Liz BaesslerSchisandra, sometimes also called Schizandra and Magnolia Vine, is a hardy perennial that produces fragrant flowers and tasty, health-promoting berries. Native to Asia and North America, it will grow in most cool temperate climates. Keep reading to learn more about magnolia vine care and how to grow Schisandra.

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